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I Wasn't Expecting This Supplement To Make Me More Productive — But I'll Take It

I, along with what feels like half of the world, have used CBD regularly for a few years now. Lured by its stress-relieving claims, I first got into the habit of taking it before bed to calm racing thoughts from the day.* For a while, it did the job! Its mind-body relaxing properties made my bed feel slightly more comfortable and my anxieties slightly less pressing.

Recently, though, the timeline of my tension has crept earlier and earlier in the day. I now feel the most anxious in the morning and early afternoon (and fully blame the pandemic for my wonky cortisol levels). So, I decided to try subbing my pre-bed CBD habit for a midday hemp routine and found that it did the job of easing stress just as well—and came with an unexpected, but very welcome, bonus benefit.*

How hemp helped me feel more productive.*

In addition to changing up my timing, I also switched the product I was using. I swapped my bedtime CBD for mindbodygreen's anytime hemp multi+ supplement—a full-spectrum product that's packed with a wide array of potent botanical compounds, in addition to CBD.
The sustainability editor in me was sold on the product after I learned that it's certified organic by the European Commission, which has more rigorous, long-standing standards for hemp products than the U.S. does since the plant's legality is a relatively new thing in this country.

I first took hemp multi+ at the start of a busy workday. I washed the capsules down with some coffee, my inbox staring back at me with each gulp. I'd just as quickly forgotten I'd taken it as I got to work answering messages, assigning stories, and brainstorming pitches. It wasn't until a few hours later that I realized I'd gotten through a lot of work in a shorter time period than usual. And I'd done it all without needing to stop for a break or midday self-pep talk.

Curious about whether the hemp had anything to do with it, I took it again the next day and noticed similar results, and the next: I was definitely putting in more productive work on the days that I took this product.*

A workday workhorse.

While "productivity-boosting" is not a claim you'll see directly marketed on a hemp product, it makes sense based on what we know about the plant. Its active ingredients, or cannabinoids, have been shown to interact with the body's endocannabinoid system in a way that eases stress and supports a more positive mood.*

While everyone will experience the product a little differently, many find that it helps them adopt a more even-keeled outlook.*

Research shows that stress is not necessarily conducive to productivity, suggesting that minimizing everyday stress can help employees do their work more effectively.

By alleviating my reaction to stressors, hemp multi+ seems to help me stay on track and not get as sidelined by negative, overwhelmed self-talk during the day.* I also noticed that, after I take it, I feel a little happier to tick off tasks that I used to dread and put off until later.

My fellow mbg-ers have reported feeling something similar: "My body is less tense, my mood is better, and I feel an overall sense of positivity that lasts throughout my entire day," Amanda Quadrini from our brand partnerships team, writes of her experience taking hemp+ during the workday.*

"After a few weeks, I noticed that I became much more levelheaded and even-keeled, and my mood was generally more positive," our client experience director Samantha Schwartz reports of her reaction to the product.*

The productivity potential of hemp extract isn't something I would have picked up on if I kept taking the product only before bed, but I'm glad I did. My mood, my attitude, and my inbox are all a little better off because of it.


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