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We are here to help, and love helping people get well, NATURALLY!

If we have helped a person feel better or conquer a health challenge, we are sooo HAPPY TOO!!!

We have been in the Natural Health Business for a long time, 17 years online and 30 plus years in total! Our team consists of Naturopathic Doctors, Nutritionists, Health Coaches, Master herbalists and more.

You may know us from other companies through which we have consulted; we continue to offer the same customer friendly services in our expanding  consulting arrangements with numerous Natural Health businesses.

Please do reach out - call or text us at 847-986-5105, and let us know how we may be of assistance!

Oh, and, we decided to make a switch to Natural Dispensary and we think you are going to love it!

Don't forget to mention our name, Dowling Naturopathic, and please do invite Family and Friends to take advantage of our one-stop shop Professional Supplement Store!

And when you do, we have a little something extra for you:)

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Stay Safe & Healthy!

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